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In the Northeastern portion of the state of Texas lies a city, which, as of the 2010 census, was the 12th most populous city in the state with a population of just over 226,000. The city of Garland, Texas has had its share of celebrities born in the city including country star LeAnn Rimes. On top of the celebrity status, the city also offers unique scenery with its historic and picturesque buildings and scenery. Also offered is the opportunity for state of the art education services for all kids from PK3 to college as well as places for everyone to be active in sports and in nature through the parks and recreation department. If a picturesque town that is loaded with opportunities is what you have been looking for, then it is time you call or email Dee Evans. She will help you find your perfect piece of the Lone Star State.

Garland History

Garland Texas has a very unique story behind how it came to be. It is not a city where someone started a homestead and said here is Garland; instead, it started as a middle point of a controversy between two neighboring towns. It was 1850 when the settlements of Emery and Duck Creek emerged. Both of these colonies wanted to be towns and they each wanted to build a post office in their prospective town. Instead, the post office was built halfway between the two emerging towns and it was settled that the city of Garland would include both of these settlements; which continue as neighborhoods in the city today. Garland was incorporated in 1891 and in 1904 had a growing population of 819.

Educational System

While most of the city of Garland is included in the Garland Independent School District, there are portions that overflow into neighboring districts of Dallas, Richardson and Mesquite. The Garland School District is composed of state of the art schools including: 2 Pre-K schools, 47 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, including Jackson Technology Center for Math and Science, 8 high schools, including one that offers a cosmetology program, and 3 alternative learning high schools. Garland does not have any boundaries inside the school district, therefore; students and families can choose the school that is right for them, not the one that is closest to them. For more information on the school district and all it has to offer, you can go to their website at

Families who choose to provide a Christian education are very pleased with Garland Christian Academy. This school provides education for kids ages 3 through high school. Instead of having a lot of bulky textbooks, most students enjoy e-textbooks through iPads that are provided by the school. All of the schools in the Garland area offer state of the art education and typically produce high quality students who go on to attend various types of colleges and become successful at their chosen profession because of the education they have experienced.

Parks and Recreation

The parks and recreation department in Garland is home to 4 outdoor swimming pools, one of which offers a wave pool and place for little ones to learn how to surf. There is also one large water park that offers some type of fun for everyone from wave pools to water slides. Each pool offers swim lessons and shaded chairs for parents and spectators. In all, Garland has 63 parks with a combined total of 2800 acres that are used for all types of recreation from swimming to hiking, aerobics and sports.

Parks and rec department is also in charge of 5 recreation centers that offer senior services, exercise equipment and various classes to keep the town active. The parks department supervises the sports leagues in Garland but they are contracted out to other organizations for coaching and registration.

A CNN Money Magazine Favorite

CNN Money Magazine awards only the top cities for providing residents with great places to live for different reasons. In 2008, Garland made the list of top 100 places to live in the United States, when it was ranked #67. In 2014 it was named the best place to live for working parents. The next year it was named the #17 overall best place to buy a home for first time homebuyers and the #5 best place for first time home buyers in a mid sized city. 2015 was also the year Garland was ranked as the #8 best run city in the United States.

Garland Texas provides everything that you could want. It offers tranquility in the suburbs and smaller neighborhoods that are still in the city but not in downtown and it provides entertainment and recreation opportunities for everyone, regardless of age. It also offers state of the art education that is based on the need of the individual student, not the entire student body, ensuring that each student succeeds. It is a town where you are proud to say that Garland is your home. Contact Dee Evans today to find out what Garland has to offer you.

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