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The community of Forney is the fastest growing city in Kaufman County, Texas and is also one of the fastest growing communities in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex. The community is gaining a reputation in the DFW area for its small-town charm and affordable housing. Acknowledging the community's growing reputation, recently, Forney was named as one of D Magazines "Best Suburbs." The charming community, close to downtown Dallas, offers residents a convenient home located only 21 minutes from the heart of the city.

The community of Forney is a wonderful place for individuals and families alike. The great Dallas suburb offers a genuine community with friendly neighbors, a charming atmosphere and great schools. The historic downtown of Forney is home to some of the best area shopping and great dining options.

Forney's History

The first settlers to make the Forney area their home arrived to the region in 1846. Many of the area's early settlers came to the land for the land grants offered by the Republic of Texas. The small settlements included a number of acres and a cabin for individuals and families who chose to resettle in the area.

By the end of the American Civil War, an influx of visitors has arrived in the Forney area from the war ravaged areas of the South. In 1869 the developers Asa R. Newton and Harben H. Self purchased a tract of land and platted a town that would later become Forney. The new town was to be named Brooklyn. However, when the town applied to certify the name with the U.S. post office a complication was encountered. The leaders of the town were informed that the name of "Brooklyn, Texas" was unavailable because there was already a post office by that name. The name was changed to honor John W. Forney, the director of the T & P Railway Co.

Today, the trains still pass through the town was they did in the area's early days. However, the trains no longer stop. Although many of the town's historic structures still remain, the dynamic of the community has changed. The community of Forney now serves as a suburb of the larger city of Dallas and many of the residents of the small-town community commute to the larger cities in the DFW area. Nevertheless, the town of Forney is as resilient as it was in times past. The town looks forward to its exciting future, all the while embracing its heritage with pride.

Life In Forney

The community of Forney boasts one of the easiest commutes in the DFW area. Just 21 minutes from the downtown area of Dallas, Forney has the unique advantage of being able to retain its characteristic charm and small-town atmosphere while being centrally located in the heart of the DFW Metro area. The Trinity River Valley serves as a natural barrier, allowing residents of Forney to preserve their community's special qualities by shielding the area from the surrounding DFW sprawl.

In the past decade, Forney has undergone a period of extensive growth. The community's growth has encouraged the development and construction of a new 175-acre award-winning Community Park, a Justice Center, and many road construction projects which have improved residential access to shopping and dining.

Over the past decade, commercial development in Forney has created countless shopping and dining options. The new retail additions have added value to Forney's unique landscape of antique stores, mom-and-pop stores, and restaurants. With more shops and restaurants than ever before, Forney is still the charming small town with a friendly atmosphere .


Forney is home to dozens of antique stores, unique boutiques, and other additional retail shopping. Forney has retained the name of 'Antique Capital of Texas' since, 1987. When the State Legislature designated the small town with the title.

Around the charming town one will find glimpses of the town's unique past. The historic architecture and relics featured throughout the town add to the atmosphere of the developing community. Forney is home to a number of attractions including, the town's many local antique shops, the old Cotton Mill Gin, and the Spellman Amphitheatre. The Spellman Amphitheatre is host to a multitude of community concerts, movies in the park and other exciting events throughout the year.

Parks And Recreation

The community of Forney is home to a growing number of parks and recreational facilities. From the historic community Hamblen Park, located in the heart of downtown, to the expansive Forney Community Park, with its many exciting recreational amenities, Forney is home to a number of opportunities for active community engagement.

Homes In Forney

Homes in Texas are known for residing on lots with wide open spaces and great value for the cost. Forney, in true Texas tradition, offers home buyer's just that. In the last year, over 500 new homes were built in the Forney area. From single family homes to expansive estates, Forney offers properties for home buyers of every lifestyle. Within the recent past, gated communities and senior facilities have developed in the Forney area as well. No matter the age or lifestyle, there is sure to a home in Forney to fit any home buyers needs.

Schools And Education

Forney is home to an excellent school system. The FISD currently employs over 1,100 people and is community's largest employer. The FSID works cooperatively with the community to grant over 8,500 students with a stellar education. The 14 Forney campuses serve students in the grades pre-K through 12. The schools of Forney boast trend-setting educational programs and help to build the quality life that residents in Forney have become accustomed to.

Relocating To Forney?

The housing market in Forney is booming. For more information about the many new exciting housing opportunities and new developments in the Forney area, contact Dee Evans. Dee has worked with countless Forney home buyers in recent years and is familiar with all the latest developments in the Forney market. Contact Dee Evans and discuss your needs as a buyer with a trusted Forney real estate professional.

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