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Allen Texas Real Estate The city of Allen is home to a thriving community, a dynamic economy, great schools, and a fantastic quality of life. The community of Allen is located in the Dallas metro area, directly north of downtown Dallas, the community offers convenient access to Dallas while maintaining a the charming appeal of a family-friendly suburb.

The community of Allen has grown considerably in recent years and today is home to 85,000 residents. Those living in Allen are fortunate to live in a friendly community with excellent services, and a nationally-recognized parks and recreation system. The city of Allen also features top-notch shopping, , nearly 200 restaurants, a world-class golf course, and a spectacular 7,000 seat arena. With so much going on in Allen at any one time, there is always something exciting to see or do. The wonderful amenities and convenient location of Allen create a community with a quality of life that cannot be matched.

Allen History

The Early History of Allen 
Prior to the arrival of European and American immigrants to the Allen area, Native American tribes thrived in the region that is today Allen. Primarily inhabited by the Caddo and Comanche tribes, Native Americans in the are eventually moved westward as early settlers entered the region.

Allen Texas Real Estate Early Immigration 
During the 1840s settlers came to the Allen area is search of a better life. Originally Allen was part of the Peter's Colony Land Grant, and offered early settlers free land to entice pioneers to immigrate to the area. These early settlers traveled the Central Nation and Texas Roads that were constructed by the Republic of Texas. Some immigrants also came to Allen by way of the stage line that ran from Bonham to Allen.

The Railroad And Allen 
The Township of Allen was originally located along the Houston and Texas Central Railroad. The railroad, constructed in 1872, brought countless settlers into the region, and also served the economic interest of the Allen area. J.P. Morgan and Company purchased the railroad in 1877. Again the railroad was acquired in 1883 by Southern Pacific.

Just after the turn of the century, the Texas Traction Company purchased the land west of Houston and Texas Central Railroad line. Here the Texas Traction Company built the Interurban line. The work for the line was completed in the 1908, but in 1915 a disastrous fire devastated much of Allen's business district, including the area between the Interurban line and the railroad. By 1918, Allen was recovering from the devastating fire, and was home to a new freight and passenger depot, located in the Allen Central Business District.

Allen's Modern Growth 
The town of Allen was officially incorporated in 1953. In 1960, the construction of U.S. Interstate 75 had a positive impact on the growth of Allen's economy. In the last 30 years, Allen has become home to many corporations, including startups and relocations. Today, Allen is a thriving business friendly community with a bright future.

Life In Allen

Allen Texas Real Estate The city of Allen has received national attention for its family-friendly way of life, affordability, safe neighborhoods, top-notch education, and wonderful quality of life. Today, Allen is making a name for itself as one of the best places to live in the nation.

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Parks And Recreation

The city of Allen is known for its exceptional local park system. The thriving parks department is responsible for providing residents with all the tools necessary to live an active lifestyle. The city maintains a variety of parks, including a plethora of fantastic neighborhood parks, community parks, special use parks, and greenbelts.

The city is also home to a substantial trail system. Imagine living in a city where you can get from one part of town to another without driving a vehicle. Soon Allen hopes to make this dream a reality. The planning has already begun to create a town completely connected by a series of multi-use trails. Allen is currently home to more than 56 miles of hiking and biking trails.

Golfing In Allen

Allen is home to the award winning Golf Course at Watters Creek. The exception courses were designed to fit the needs of golf enthusiasts of every skill level. The golf-course features an 18-hole course that is able to appeal to traditional golfers. Additionally, Watters Creek features a lighted driving range, a sex-hole course, and a nine-hole course. The courses at Watters Creek are able to offer something for those of all abilities and ages.

Attractions And Activities

Allen is home to a variety of unique shopping opportunities, over 200 restaurants, and a number of exciting cultural attractions. One of Allen's most exciting cultural attractions in the 7,500 seat Allen Convention Center. Throughout the year the center boasts a multitude of exciting events. The center is also home to a number of teams, including the Allen Wranglers, and the Allen Americans.


The city of Allen always has something exciting to do or see. Throughout the year, the city hosts a number of special community events. From seasonal festivals and parades to exciting concerts and theatre productions, the community of Allen has something to offer those of all interests.

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